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    Laboratory Furniture

    Vision Work Benches

    Vision Uno Series offers a range of laboratory work benches that can be customised as per the requirements

    • All cabinets are directly mounted on the floor.
    • Additional frame work support is not required.
    • Provides economic layout where flexibility is not required.

    Vision Dos Series is designed for heavier loads for laboratories with heavy equipment.

    • Worktop mounted on powder coated metal H frames.
    • Work benches are extremely sturdy and can be loaded with weight up to 200 kg/m2.
    • Similar sized cabinets can be switched to any position within the workbench without the help of an expert handyman.

    Vision Tres Series is our modern, aesthetically appealing serieswhere worktops mounted on cantilever frames, equipped with full width movable accessible panel.

    • Suspended and mobile cabinets are easy to relocate.
    • Sliding cabinets with the ability to create knee or equipment spaces as required.
    • Great flexibility to the user and clear access to the floor.

    Vision Storage Cabinets

    Vision Lab Pro manufactures storage cabinets for a wide variety of laboratory uses. Based on the application and the type of workstations, you can select the design and range of storage cabinet.

    The cabinet types ranges from but not limited to Pedestal type, Castor Type, Sink Cabinets, Tall Cabinets and Wall cabinet of standard sizes.

    Cabinet with Castors

    Tall Cabinet with Vision Panel

    Cabinet – Suspended Type

    Closed Tall Cabinet

    Cabinet on Pedestal

    Wall hung Cabinet


    Vision Balance Tables offers a convenient, sturdy workspace for your sensitively calibrated lab equipment. Constructed of a thick resin or stone top, these tables are designed to withstand any type of harsh, corrosive, flammable or otherwise destructive lab materials.

    Vision Titration Tables offers the best solution for Titration works in a Chemical laboratory. The sturdy construction and the backlit design is very convenient for carrying out titration and other calculations.

    Vision Trolley Tables are the best solution for relocating work space and shifting heavy equipment and lab machines. The heavy duty castors with brakes make the trolley unit to carry a load of up to 500kg/m2. Trolley units can be customised with built in shelves for storage or it can be combined with our various range of storage cabinets.

    Vision Fume Cupboards

    Vision Fume Cupboards are sturdy, fire resistant and have a reliable installation with very low vibration & noise levels and assures the highest level of safety.

    • High durability with quality of materials.
    • Very minimal periodical service requirements.
    • WBP Plywood based which is highly resistant to many chemicals.
    • Effective in industrial applications involving contact with chemicals, including dilute acids, alkalies, organic chemicals and many neutral and acid salts, both hot and cold.
    • Baffles & Air foils used for a constant aerodynamic suction.
    • Raw materials chosen are of the best in class and in a way to ensure the maximum performance and durability.

    Laminar Flow Cabinets & Bio Safety Cabinets

    Laminar Flow Cabinets & Bio Safety Cabinets

    Vision LabProoffers the best solution for Laminar Flow & Bio Safety Cabinet.

    Laminar Flow Cabinet is a carefully enclosed bench designed to prevent contamination of semiconductor wafers, biological samples, or any particle sensitive materials.


    Bio Safety Cabinet (BSC), also called a biological safety cabinet or microbiological safety cabinet—is an enclosed, ventilated laboratory workspace for safely working with materials contaminated with pathogens requiring a defined biosafety level.


    Vision LabPro is partnered with some of the world’s best manufactures to provide the best product for our customers.

    Laminar Flow Cabinet

    Bio Safety Cabinet

    Vision seating solutions

    Vision LabPro laboratory chairs are designed to intelligently adapt to the sitting postures.

    • Flexible, reliable and sturdy
    • Perfect seating solutions that adapt to the special challenges faced by the end users.
    • Compact & durable
    • Wide varieties ranging from Lab Chair, Lab Stool, ESD chair, Cleanroom Chair etc.

    Lab Chair

    ESD Chair

    Clean Room Chair

    Lab Stool