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    Laboratory Equipment

    Analytical Equipments

    A wide range of analytical equipments are covered, including the below category of equipments.

    • Analyzers: Dissolved gas analyzer, Headspace analyser, Quantitative gas analyser, Residual gas analyser, Gravimetric sorption analyser, Membrane stability analyzer
    • Mass spectrometer
    • Chromatography equipment
    • Dust & particle analyzer

    EHS Solutions

    EHS solutions cover both Air Filtration and Surface disinfection for laboratory and production environments with the help of the below range of state of art technological equipments.

    • Air Filtration Products
    • TOGA Filters for Toxic Gases filtration
    • Surface Disinfection Solution
    • UVC Lamps for rooms to sterilize surfaces.
    • UVC Lamps for ventilation ducts to prevent moulds formation thus preventing energy loss.

    Research Equipments

    Covering customized research equipments for chemistry and biology for laboratory, industries and research sectors, covers specific product for the below type of equipments

    • Research Lab Equipment
    • Pilot Plants
    • Chemical Reactors
    • Bio-Reactors

    General Equipment and Accessories

    Quality sources to cover the project based general lab equipments & high end accessories for various advance equipments.